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I hold a PCV licence with an "Automatic"
restriction, do i need a re-test?

Some bus drivers attain their PCV category through sponsorship of their local bus company as part of their employment. However, if the vehicle used for the training and practical test was fitted with an automatic or semi-automatic transmission, any minibus with a manual transmission cannot be driven on that PCV category.

If you have a photo card licence and you passed your PCV test using a vehicle with an automatic or semi-automatic transmission, then your licence will be identified with the code "106 (6)" which denotes a restriction to vehicles with an automatic transmission within that category.

Therefore, if you are a bus driver with a 106 code attached to your PCV category, and you need to drive minibuses with manual gearbox/transmissions under a PCV licence category, you will have to take an additional D1 practical driving test.


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